Saturday, September 10, 2011

Projects Ahoy!

As of now, I'm pretty psyched out how my life is going. I'm doing pretty good so far. Unfortunately, I'm only a part-time student at school... On the bright side though, I'm working on some of my side projects that I've been planning to finish.

Currently, my first project is to make a wrist rest for my boyfriend. I couldn't find my crochet needle so I ended up knitting it. Dx Utter failure!

It took me three tries to get it right. and now I'm halfway finished. I'm not entirely happy with how it's turning out since I haven't knitting in a long time (I put down the needles over five years ago and stuck to crocheting).The stitches are not even, and the ends are too wide and frayed... But, my boyfriend likes it and that's what counts! :)

Aside from my knitting disaster, I have to say that my amigurumi sackboy (that I've posted in my previous post) has grown in popularity. My friends are begging for customized sackboys, and I'm anxious to give in return.

Reason is that I don't have the funds to buy the things I need. I'm not really keen on recieving money before I make the plushie, but it seems to be the only option. If anything, a part-time job may support my "hobby." Maybe a weekend job? I'm not sure...

Other than that, I'm working on another project called OctiPlushie. Given the name, it is an octopus plushie... with awesome extras. My friend, Spike, is asking for an OctiDog. I wonder if I can make it?

Ah well, it'll be very interesting when it's finished.

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