Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Writer's Tan Bock

Started writing the unknown novel, and I'm already stuck at a writer's block!

Even now, I'm having difficulty writing a few sentences for this blog. I guess I'm just extremely nervous since I know everyone will be reading this awesome book soon! I hope it's not too dull and boring... Dx

Funny though, writing in this blog helps me to concentrate more on my book. Calms me down, I suppose. My own type of stress relief... Speaking of which, I'm due for a back massage. :) My back's been killing me ever since I took that hiking trip at Mission Peak in Fremont. Painful, but worth it. Although, I don't suggest going during the middle of the day. I burnt red like a tomato on my arms and legs. I'm STILL peeling! Honestly, you think they would put up a bit more trees in the area to keep it cooler?! My hat didn't even help me either; my cheeks, chin, and nose were slightly burnt (now tanned) when we came down the mountain.

Next time, I'm bringing sun block.

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