Saturday, September 12, 2009


The glass door that lead to the outside patio is covered by blinds. I'm completely enthralled...It's as if the world doesn't exist outside this white box of a home. Still, plastic will not block out the sounds and the noise of traffic. It's a bad type of tease for silence: winking at you as it passes through a crowded room. She convinces you that you're her type and then once you're hot, she'll leave you burning cold.

Stinks, doesn't it?

Apparently, life goes on that way. And without the sexy, red-headed siren....Well, let's just say life would not be as interesting as it is.

Dull, bleak, and no sex appeal....Isn't that how the world works? Everything revolves around sex. Those who aren't....experienced within this field would either fall, give into pressure, revert to online MMORPGs/card games/D&D, or join a convent. The majority of this populace find solace in fantasy online lives and find pleasure in the decapitation of enemy hoards and claiming booty.

Unfortunately, those are the people I hang around with for the past three months. I really need to get out more....

And as much as I like to hang out with my friends.....pixelated images do not really satisfy my need for a more personable, social experience. Though, only one thought occurred to me: Safety.

Their lack of socialization, unusually high intellect for technology, and low knowledge of the female species gave me a safe haven away from all the "stupidness" called hormones. As of now, it's not working.

I'm getting frustrated.

But I have to confess something....I actually like the nerd type in a guy. The intellectual side of a man turns me on (besides the toned muscles). I'm such a sad person....Either way, a man is a man, and I'd be stupid blind to not notice anything nice about these kind of guys....

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