Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ever Heard of Differentiation?

It amazes me how people can be so -how can I put this lightly- abnormal. In no way there can be such a thing as normal; however, "normality" is what the peoples are used to. When I say "the peoples," I'm not just referring to the "American way", but as well as the "Chinese way" or the "Jamaican way." There is not one way to live life. Naturally, humans congregate and create a way of living, which may not be the same as another group.

This would also relate to beliefs and religions as well, breaking down the large groups into something similar to platoons. Though, this discussion would come in later at another time.

Similarly, lifestyles would as well fall upon this subject: extroverts and introverts alike, some more daring than others and some more confident. The extrovert is deemed as the confident, adventurous type socializing at a level with many friends and is highly popular. Whereas the introvert is seen as the bookworm: shy, not quite as popular, and tentative to meeting new people. Thanks to teen movies, these are seen as sterotypes.
However, it may not be the case.

For example, if an introverted person, like myself, cannot find enough courage to bungee jump off a bridge to experience the thrill, then would it be any different if I were to jump on a roller coster and ride it three times for the same thrill? Of course, I won't jump off a bridge, but I will go on a roller coaster. In (my own) theory, a person with the personality of an introvert does not necessarily entail an introvert's lifestyle. Heck, an introvert may like bungee jumping more than I would!

This also leads me to wonder how people who seemed like the successful person two-three years ago is now a failure? I recently talked to an old friend who was in this position, and I had to ask what happened. He said, "Life."

Wouldn't "lifestyle" be the cause?

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