Friday, April 24, 2009

In the Abysmal Depths of Gray

How often do you think about how well you slept last night? Whether it be a bed, futon, couch, or something else entirely? A hammock maybe?
Believe me, there are so many places to sleep on. But in my case, I slept on a couch. Not just any couch, my dear friend. A couch that sinks while you sat on it, your bottom sucked into the abyss called a sofa.
Imagine trying to sleep on one for three months; would you know what happens? Your back starts to curl and ache and sweat from the worn gray leather. It was bad enough it was cold these past few months, but imagine when summer hits!
Since my little sister left yesterday to Anaheim, I thought I'd try out her bed since I had back aches from the 20-year-old, gray, butt-sucking couch. Took me three hours to sleep. I wasn't sure if it was because it was the 3-inch memory foam, or the lack of heat, or the flat pillow that crooked my neck at a wierd angle (or maybe all of these). Sleep was out of my grasp.
At the moment, I'm yawning like crazy!
But in the morning, when I got that good five hours of sleep, I woke up sweaty, my skin burned from heat. Apparently, with the strange loopy weather we're having, it was extremely hot in that tiny room of hers.
It was on the second floor. FYI: heat rises, especially in a small was more like a greenhouse inside! Hated it so much that I started cursing myself for even sleeping there last night.
As for tonight, the butt-sucking couch will be my only friend until then.

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