Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Ode to Newton

Often times, I deem myself unworthy of such transposition. In my state of mind, I always have believed that every action there is a reaction as quoting Sir Isaac Newton on his behalf. As so, the same is implied to what some call "karma." Similarly, "what comes around, goes around." Same concept.
Whether gravity may pull a falling object from the sky, there is always an upright position. Conclusively saying that opposites attract. Again, the same concept. It can also depict thought of good versus evil; namely, a balance between entirely two different things.
This teetering and totering seesaw can be aclaimed as the perfection of life. Whenever one side teets, the other must tot in completly different direction to assume this "balance." Maybe that is why there is no such thing as peace of mind. One can only relax against the pressure for so long before the pressure starts to bend back.
Even we can call it human emotion; it is a gravity that pushes and pulls us rather than being in a polarized situation. It is nature to have the strong and the weak together. One cannot strive without the other; it is merely tolerable. Without triumph, one cannot learn the feeling of failure, nor can one learn to push without being pushed. In any sense, one cannot fall in love without knowing the pretenses to sorrow. They will not know how to treat one another when the other is of absence.
Even with the beginning, there must come an end. Hence, the black hole theory. Within its reach, life has been sucked into an abysmal nothing only to produce another life-cycle; a wheel, if you will. A wheel that would always turn until the time is right. Just as there will be a baby born in turn for someone who dies. But to start anew? That, my friend, is an entirely different story.
For the reason why I bring up such disdainful seesawing effect, I regret to say that life, in itself, will always come out short. Many a night, there will be times you regret your actions and many times you've wished conceding defeat. All philosophy aside, human emotion-rather complex and undoubtfully erred-it gives us a feeling of self-accomplishment when overcoming obstacles. And those of us who hadn't, scummed to a life-sentence of reliving such horrid emotions. Many of those seek solace in the after-life since, for obvious reasons, they could not find what they were looking for on earth. Unfortunate ones, they are...
To find such an imbalance can only happen in time. It can create a shift in reality in all or none. But need I remind you again about the black hole? When a shift occurs, there is always a need to balance out the overbearing weight on one end. So, of course, there will be a major slide pressing one to another. It's only a matter of time till the balance completely tips and needs to be refilled-equally-again. Think of it as a buoy tied by rope to an anchor slightly heavier in weight. By tossing both overboard, you can see that neither can go up to the surface nor down to the bottom of the depths. Namely, a sense of balance and equality. But harshly put as a way to go nowhere. The buoy will always try to reach the surface and the anchor will always pull to the bottom and neither will achieve a goal.
Whether or not you get my meaning, I'd have to say "thank you" to Sir Isaac Newton for the wonderful discovery. Naturally, he only stated the obvious and thinkers and philosophers alike applied it all to the human nature and mother earth. The same theory applies to all life; but, fact's such a bitch!"

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