Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Piggy Pandemic!

As far as everyone is concerned, here in America or anywhere else in the world. I find this to be...quite troublesome. Since last week, this new Swine Flu (or the Piggy Pandemic as I'd like to call it), has gotten on everyone's nerves. I'm only calling this irritating because it seems that the news is breaking this to be a lot bigger than it actually is.

But to even understand why everyone is concerned, we must look back into history, my light-deprived friends...

A century ago, in the year 1918, an interesting virus caught the whole world by suprise. Originally, The Spanish Flu killed over 50 million people worldwide...

Amazing what a little virus can do.

Schools are starting to open again; but parents are still frightened of letting their children back into school. Now, if 50 people died in one city because of this, I has reason to be concerned.

This is merely an advanced type of flu. =( It's so irriatating. It's nothing to be scared of. Just keep yourselves clean and all will be fine. But if you ask me, we should have been fine in the first place if only EVERYONE practiced healthy hygiene.

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